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Slenderman by dibskitty Slenderman :icondibskitty:dibskitty 4 6 Annabelle and Jeff the Killer by dibskitty Annabelle and Jeff the Killer :icondibskitty:dibskitty 3 1 Blushing Bride by dibskitty Blushing Bride :icondibskitty:dibskitty 2 4
annabelle:the killer series,part six
 "Jeff..." she was shocked to the point where the hair on the back of her neck stood on end. "i cant......" her face was hot. was she blushing because of the intentions? or heated with fear that he might drop dead there and then. possibly both. she picked up his heart,and tried to put it back into where he had cut it. he refused. "no...its yours now, forever," he responded,smiling ear to ear. she grimaced,but she didn't want to hurt his feelings. "oh" she forced herself to say "its...a lovely heart,but i think you should have it," she said,smiling softly. and with that,in three seconds she plopped the heart in and started to sew it together. "there,its finished" she exclaimed. his heart was put back in his body. "but.... i thought you wanted my heart," he mumbled. "no, i want your heart,your feelings,everything- i want YOU." she started, then she could feel hot tears run down her face. she was crying, shes never been able to cry before, and now that she is,it
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annabelle:the killer series,part five
 "what do you mean you're pregnant?" Jeff asked. korbyn looked down. "well masky and i...." she didn't finish.Jeff's eyes went wide with disgust. "ewwwww!" he yelled. "oh shut up, we all know you've been planning the same thing with Annabelle." she clarified,proving her point. Annabelle's cheeks reddened and she started to shift her feet nervously. "uh....pftt, no. bitch please." he fibbed,hoping she would believe him. korbyn saw right through his lie. "and i know you've been practicing on how to-" she was cut off as Jeff tackled her. "shut up!" he growled under his breath. she giggled slightly as she knew she got to him. "so sex isn't so gross now,is it?" she asked as Jeff got off her and walked away fastly. Annabelle walked over to korbyn. "so,you're my big sister? tell me what mom and dad are like, do we have anymore siblings? i wanna know it all." she asked anxiously. "don't worry" korbyn said "we'll have plenty of time to talk about this. first lets go find where sensitive sa
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italy!!! by dibskitty italy!!! :icondibskitty:dibskitty 1 7 jeff the killer by dibskitty jeff the killer :icondibskitty:dibskitty 1 1 annabelle by dibskitty annabelle :icondibskitty:dibskitty 2 1
annabelle:the killer series,part four
"WHAT?"Annabelle squeaked quietly. "a..a-a sister?? that's impossible..." Jeff knew who shadow-lurker was talking about. "oh,korbyn..." Jeff grumbled.he hated her,she was the talking 24/7 broad apparently. recently,masky asked her out. 'i wonder what she said...' he pondered in his mind. he was snapped out of it when he heard Annabelle's bloodcurdling scream as shadow-lurker grabbed her and took her into the shadow realms of the underworld. "Anna-" he was cut off by korbyn kicking him in the gut. "you bitch!! you killed my sister disguised as her foster dad and she became a monster like you!!! i hate you!!! you never even gave her the chance to live!!!" korbyn was right. he had killed her,but for a certain reason. you see, when creepy-pasta monsters fall in love with a human, they eventually become human and live on as a normal life. and they lose their immortality. Jeff was afraid of that,because he obviously liked her. maybe....okay yes. he didn't like her, he LOVED her. but he could
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sisters by dibskitty sisters :icondibskitty:dibskitty 0 5 maruchan and caroline: dallasxrussias kids o3o by dibskitty maruchan and caroline: dallasxrussias kids o3o :icondibskitty:dibskitty 1 1


RQ - Ardency (Jeff the Killer x Reader)
((Just a little gore warning , but it's Jeff so what do you expect?))
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: keen interest, excitement
"I'm serious (Friend's Name)! Something bad is gonna happen." you tell her as you chew on the straw of your drink vigorously.
Your friend scoffed while she took a huge bite out of her burger.
"You're just paranoid about all the murders that have been happening.Now calm your tits and slide over those fries." she said while reaching for them. You swatted her hand away and slid your fries towards you.
"My tits don't need to be calmed 'cause I have every right to freak out! The murders are getting closer and closer to our neighborhood. Have you seen what this killer did to his victims?!"
Your friend shook their head still trying to obtain your fries. You groaned and shoved them towards her. She squealed and dug in but stopped once she notice the terrified expression on your face.
She sighed and placed a hand on yours."Look, (Name). You'll be fine. Did y
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As I walked down the front porch of my house, I noticed my stepfather wasn't in his lawn chair, smoking a cigarette as usual. Ah, he was a good hearted person that always had something interesting to say; Usually about the weather and such. As I started to walk down the gravel trail, I caught a glimpse of something moving near the woods. I dismissed it, thinking to myself, 'probably just a deer or something.' ... boy was I wrong.

Anyways, I stared off to the trees nearby the house and wandered off into the woods, trying to find him. Maybe he had been trying to shoo off some wolves, they were common in our parts of Wisconsin. You see, ever since I was a small child I've always loved to explore. I cant help it, I'm a kid with ADD and I need something to extinguish my boredom. As I searched deeper into the woods, I began to realize that the moon had been engulfed by the clouds up ahead. I was getting  bit scared, me having a wild imagination. My mother did always say that one day my imagination would run away with me one day. I think today would be that day. I began to hear strange noises, such as shuffling, large gusts of wind blew threw the leaves and my hair, making me get chills to the bone. Most of all, I heard a strange...buzzing sound, as if static were there in the forest. Now, I'm PREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTY sure we didn't have a Television in the middle of the forest. As it became louder and louder, I began to become more and more anxious. As I slowly turned around, I saw him... The Slenderman.


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i love to draw and write,it helps me get my creative energy out of my system(by the way,my ID means i love dibs the ice cream)


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